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    audio problem - narration track only plays


      My daughter and I have been working on a PE4 project. Only the narration track will play. There are several other audio tracks - ripped music and other narrations - that used to play. She cannot remember any changes when they stopped working. We have checked the usual - enabled, muted, volume controls, mixer, moved files, windows audio controls - and we cannot find the problem. All will play in audio preview mode. The project has lots of photos, drawings, stop motion animation. Everything is in correct folders.


      This is a brand new duo core, 4 gigs of ram, huge hard drive and external drive (and VISTA). We are not newbies. She has been using PE4 for a couple of years, has edited on ulead, and last summer on AVID at Savannah College of Art and Design. I'm in AV, worked on Premier, ULead, Pinnacle, Pro Tools (not video editing but HARD), etc. We generally can trouble shoot problems. I have read through archives of this community.


      We are stumped. It seems like only the narration track is enabled, but all the tracks say they are enabled.


      I keep thinking it is something simple. Help!