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    new and lost




      I installed pro cs4 yesterday and updated to 4.2. I bought the program to edit canon 5D footage.  I used cineform to convert the 5d footage and also installed recommend audio ac3 file.  I imported the footage into pro and opened one in the source window.  I hit the play button and the icon changed from a square to a triangle for only a millisecond with no playback.  I can navigate through the clip with both the 'step-forward' arrow and the jog wheel but  cannot play it.  I am sure that it is a mere case of being a newbie and having overlooked a setting.  However last night before applying the update I was able to view the footage (pre-cineform) in a very choppy yet playable form, so I wonder if the issue lies in the update?


      Any help, suggestions and or comments are greatly appreciated!!