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    Add Table Tags to HTML Mapping Tables

    idlevy Level 1

      This is a request based on my post (copied below) to the general Framemaker forum.


      Right now we can easily map certain types of tags to HTML, e.g., P:myParatag | PRE. It would be great to have T:myTableTag available in the HTML mapping tables so that the name of the table style becomes the class for an HTML table tag, e.g., <table class="myTableTag>. This would bring Framemaker closer to allowing complete styling of its HTML output by CSS only.


      I'm converting Frame files into HTML, and want all styling to come from a CSS file to avoid having to do any editing on the output HTML files. I notice that some Frame tag types, such as paratags and character tags, can be mapped in the HTML mapping table to HTML tags. This makes it easy to achieve CSS-based styling. So for example I can map a tag myTag to <PRE> and in the HTML file get <PRE class="myTag">.


      However, table tags (styles) are not mappable, at least as far as I can tell. Meaning, if I create a table in the Table Designer, call it myTable, and another one called myOtherTable, in the HTML conversion they'll both be <table> blocks, with no class attribute.


      Is there any way around this that doesn't involve editing the HTML files?