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    Unable to resume a page


      Hi at all


      I use page maker 6.5


      I have a little work with one page only  with a full page  table maked with adobe table 3


      Many times adobe page maker saves best the page containing the table but now it crash many times and I am unable to resume the work.


      I belive that is adobe table that crash but I am not sure because it crash when I save the adobe page maker page.


      Therefore I must any time remake full page because page maker is unable to open it.


      What can I do please to resume my page (also with errors) that page maker is unable to resume(open)?


      Thank in advance

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          Are you using a Windows PC?


          Which version of Windows - WinXP?  (WinXP does not support PM6.5)


          How are you importing the Table into PM?  As an EPS file or Paste-Special? (EPS is the only way)


          Iechyd da! John
          11:42 13/11/2009 GMT

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            eurotime Level 1

            I use Window Version 5.1(Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090804-1435: Service Pack 3) and my Pace Maker version works best from three years.


            I call Adobe Table from into Page Maker.


            I import tables from Adobe Tables into Page Maker simply clicking into Page Maker window.


            This mean worked best from many times but not in this moment


            After your answer Iyryed to export a table from adobe table as eps file but adobe table crashed
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              BigJohnD Level 3

              As Adobe say "PM6.5 will probably not meet your expectations on WinXP"


              Using "Insert Object" was never stable with PM as it was only a requirement for approval as a Windows application. Adobe Table was never one of Adobe's best and will be even more unreliable with WinXP. 


              In short you are using an old application on a platform for which it was not designed.


              Your options are:


              1) Create your table within PM, using tabs and the line drawing tool (a time consuming process and difficult for future editing);


              2) Install PM6.5 and AT3 on a Win2K PC


              3) Move on from PM to InDesign.


              You will argue you can not afford InDesign, but think of the wasted time and lost opportunity you are funding at the moment.


              Iechyd da! John
              23:31 14/11/2009 GMT