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    HowTo: Creating files with different names each time


      Hi friends,

      1. How to create files with different file names (eg: past0, past1, past2 etc) in the application directory?

      My problem is the app should check for the name of the file and use the next name. i.e, if past0, past1 already exist, then it should create a file named past2.

      2. How to create a temp file to a location we specify.

      Like how to create a temp file in a folder called temp in the application directory?

      (Creating temp files is using createTempFile() but in a specific folder, is my problem. In all my questions, I know some parts, but doesn't know the other)

      3. Also, if I create a temp file in the systems temp directory, then how to move it to a specified directory when the application closes.

      4. If I create a temp directory how to get its name & how to make all the temp files within that temp directory?

      Sorry if there are too many questions.

      Please help.

      Thank You.