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    SharePoint PDF Search Protected Documents




      I have a quick question regarding Adobe iFilter v9 indexing content in SharePoint. We have some PDF documents in our environment that have copy and extract protection enabled. v9 of the filter doesnt seem able to index the content of these documents - which is fair enough. I have used both 32 and 64bit versions in different environments. None of the documents need a password to open.


      I looked at the Foxit iFilter and it is able to index the content of said documents. Again fair enough as it has a cost associated with it.


      However, our current intranet (not SharePoint) makes use of Microsoft Index Server for searching, which has version6 of the Adobe iFilter installed and it does appear able to index the content of the above documents.


      I was curious if anyone knew if there was a reason for v9 changing in behaviour in regards to this from v6? Maybe im missing something?