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    Property expected for handler

    Semaj Snitram

      Hi, i'm developing a software on director with a database.

      It has some options that i can select but when i click on one of the options, it gives me an error "Property expected for handler" on this code:


      themeValue = getProp ( mt_themes, me.themes )


      Why is that? I don't get it >__< Below there's the full code on page, i've already revised it but i don't find anything missing. Any help would be great.


      global mt_themes, modoPR, themeValue
      property themes
      on getPropertyDescriptionList me
        return [ #themes: [ #comment: "Lista de temas", #format: #list, #default: [] ] ]
      end getPropertyDescriptionList
      on mouseUp me
        if modoPR = TRUE then
          themeValue = getProp ( mt_themes, me.themes )
          repeat with i=1 to mt_themes.count
            mt_themes[i] = false
          end repeat
          setProp ( mt_themes, me.themes, not themeValue )
          allSelected = TRUE
          repeat with i = 1 to me.themes.count
            if getProp ( mt_themes, me.themes[i] ) = FALSE then
              allSelected = FALSE
              exit repeat 
            end if
          end repeat
          allSelected = not allSelected
          repeat with i = 1 to me.themes.count
            setProp ( mt_themes, me.themes[i], allSelected )
          end repeat
        end if
        go marker(0)
      end mouseUp




      Thanks in advance to everyone that can help.