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    Attached files in pdf form...

    mirazero Level 1



      i designed process like below for my question and lca file( rename write_pdf.txt to write_pdf.lca ), too.



      1. I want to attached files in pdf form like below.



      2. when attached file in pdf form, if not pdf format, want to attach file after converting to pdf format.


      3. Attched files must maintain in pdf form for process.


      i need detailed description for this. if possible, please send to me sample.



      how can i do ? m_m;; sorry for poor english..



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          $Nith$ Level 4

          DDX is the best option to do this.


          Follow the below link to extract attachments from pdf document.



          Hope this will help you.


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            Chung Jin Sue

            I know acrobat function.


            Is it possible that add files with acrobat funtion ?


            ( ref. attached file )

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              $Nith$ Level 4


              Imports an external file into the document and associates the specified name with the data object. Data objects can later be extracted or manipulated.

              Related objects, properties, and methods are dataObjects, getDataObject, openDataObject, createDataObject, exportDataObject, removeDataObject, getDataObjectContents, and setDataObjectContents, and the Data Object.


              NOTES:(SecurityS): If the cDIPath parameter is specified, this method can only be executed during batch, console or menu events, or through an external call (for example, OLE). See “Privileged versus Non-privileged Context” on page 34 for details. See the event Object for a discussion of Acrobat JavaScript events.


              When a file attachment is imported using importDataObject, the value of its Data.name is assigned by the parameter cName. However, when a file is attached using the UI, its name is automatically assigned. The attachments are assigned the sequential names “Untitled Object”, “Untitled Object 2”, “Untitled Object 3”, and so on.



              true on success. An exception is thrown on failure.