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    Media encoder freezes after 4.2 update installation

    seetukka Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I´m in a middle of a huge project and I updated premiere and media encoder to a new 4.2 version. After that I can´t get anything out of premiere cause every time I try to export media encoder totally freezes after couple of seconds after I´ve pushed start queue. I can´t do nothing but to force to quit. It happens while it is still loading the project and haven´t started to encode yet. What´s the problem here?


      I´m on mac pro 8-core and cs4 master collection

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          How long did you wait before force quitting?  If it was only a minute or two, try longer.


          If that doesn't work, then remove all of the old queue items from the AME.


          Then save your Pr project, and clean the media cache database from Edit | Preferences.


          Reboot and try again.


          If all of that fails, then trash your Pr and AME preferences and try again.



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            Keith_Andrews Level 1

            Not to come off sounding rude, but consider this a lesson learned. Don't update, or change anything in your system while you are in the middle of a project, especially a paying one.  Finish it first, get it approved, master it, back it up, then go crazy with updates, hardware changes, etc...


            Yeah the update process should be smooth and ideally have no bugs, but with the number of different configurations out there for both hardware and software, there's always bound for something to go wrong.

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              Adobe Media Encoder crashes on startup.  Adobe updater downloads and runs the 4.2 update, but after getting info, AME still says 4.0.0.  Is there a bug in the updater?  I'm on a 2x2.8 Quad-Core mac osx version 10.5.8.


              My projects are delayed as well.  So very frustrated with all adobe's buggy software.  I could find 10 bugs in 10 minutes for every app they make.  It's just not worth the money period.