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      I'll start by saying that we were a user of Premiere Pro a couple of years ago. Using the Targa 3000 system with Pinnacle and Premiere. Loved it. When Targa and Pinnacle split and left us with no updates we switched to FCP. We've had it for about three years now and are wanting to upgrade. We run two G5 Macs with FCP Studio. FC 5 and Motion 2. There is no XSAN or LAN. They are stand alone work stations.

      We want to be able to share footage and edit on some sort of LAN. We are not IT professionals and most of the systems that we have purchased were with the help of a reseller. We do have someone with the Apple format, but we wanted to know if we could do the same with Premiere Pro? Any help?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >share footage and edit on some sort of LAN


          If you mean editing on a standalone and copying files over a lan, or to a central computer where everyone may then copy the files to their computer... yes


          If you mean directly editing ON a lan server... not so much


          Premiere is not designed for network operation, and there have been MANY messages from people who have tried and failed


          One computer, one editor seems to be the design

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            belheir89 Level 1

            Thanks. I know that I can do it with FCP, but I wanted to know if I could share the footage using a XSAN or something similar. We are actually trying to connect three computers so that we can edit footage that has been archived on some sort of storage device. We also have other users who need to share finished projects. Edit the finished project and send a WMV or Flv file to others on the same network.