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    Cannot insert Captivate Demo - filename contains illegal characters


      RoboHelp HTML v8 on XPpro. Captivate v4.


      I have created a simple Captivate v4 application demo and published to SWF.


      In my RHhtmlv8 project, I create a new topic, and choose Insert > Adobe Captivate Demo.


      The Insert dialog allows me to select my SWF file. It shows it in the Insert dialog and starts to play it.


      No matter what my SWF filename is (e.g. abc.swf, video1.swf, etc.), when I click the OK button in the Insert dialog, I get the error:


      'Unable to rename file, "abc.swf". The filename contains illegal characters.'


      I have searched the forums here and find no solution.


      How do you get support from this company? I went to the support link and it only showed Captivate as an option, even though I have a valid license for RH8 and have registered it. Yet - for 2 days now, I have not heard back from any support via that mechanism.