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    The Art of Zend---not !!!

    David_F57 Level 5

      So yet again zend shows what a wonderful piece of crap it is, now it's coming up with channel disconnects..

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          Mayank (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          This problem usually arises if a call to die() is made during the execution of a remote method. die() stops the construction of the AMF response in between. It is advisable to throw exceptions with appropriate messages, that way you would see the sent message instead of Channel Disconnected.


          You may refer the code generated by the PHP wizard when the "Sample from Database"option is selected to see how exceptions should be thrown.



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            David_F57 Level 5



            If I can't even get an acknowledgement from the server a million exceptions aren't going to help, the server works fine I can query the database using amfphp 1.9 and  I can retrieve data, so when it comes to zend either FB's wizard is getting something wrong which I doubt as it manages to connect without issue to the server and retrieve information from the database or zend is just a toy created to waste people's time, when something fails to work in a controlled and stable development environment how can it be trusted in production environment.




            ps: how hard can it be to perform 1 simple task "select * from client" ?.

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              Mayank (Adobe) Adobe Employee

              Can you please attach the php file and the ddl for the table in question so that I can try to repro the issue at my end?



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                David_F57 Level 5



                I just did a really simple project, it fails just like the rest the debug folder from the server is inclued with the project and the table sql is in the root of the zip (a renamed fxp file).


                Doing the same simple project the old way with amfphp saw instant success.



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                  Mayank (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                  I am able to create a PHP service using the table in clients.sql and then

                  show the result of getAllClients() in a datagrid.


                  Can we have a connect session sometime to see if we can isolate the issue on

                  your setup?



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                    David_F57 Level 5

                    Well problem solved for now, not that I expect it to work on the next FB build but thats another story, so after 5 months for the first time I finally got to access a table with zend, and zend didn't disappoint it is about as efficient as a dead mule with retreival times 10-100 times slower than amfphp. What a joy this is going to be in the future as zend add more crap to the framework and everything breaks because every rule of good design is broken by the styling's of the zend under-development team.


                        public function __construct() {

                              $this->connection = mysqli_connect(




                               $this->databasename );




                    removing the port variable from the generated php service file fixed the problem, and what was they only way to find the issue ? use amfphp's class browser.