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    Your opinion needed


      design !.png

      I ma doing gcse art and design graphic design in school. I always do my graphics in photoshop but had to do it in firework that day (dont ask!!). Plz tell me ur opinion of it, be honest!! this is my first ever try on fireworks, i never saw or used it before!!

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          pixlor Level 4



          I am puzzled why you need opinions. Is the image a work of art or is it the basis for a Web site layout?


          If the image is a work of art, then you're the artist; only your opinion counts. (If there's an effect you wanted to get but didn't know how, then maybe we can help you.)


          If the image is the basis for a Web site layout, then the image is blurry/unfocused in places and therefore difficult to look at, making it less suitable as a practical design element.

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            prettybabezaz Level 1

            its art no 4 a website...jus wanted 2 see if people like it init!!

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              pixlor Level 4



              As a detail, it appears that you're going for a look where "New York City NYC" repeats across the bottom. You might either make the font smaller (or choose a font that's slightly narrower) so that the repetition is more obvious or else make the font bigger so it fits across the image without repetition.


              But, you know what? I think the treatment you have here might make a good t-shirt. If you're GCSE, then you're not in the U.S. Did you take the photo yourself? If not, then you'd need to start with one of your own or buy a license for one from a stock photo site. (Or just draw an imaginary skyline.) Anyway, you might check out CafePress.com. This is the sort of design look that I think could sell. You can set up a shop for free, although I don't know if you would run into any age restrictions that would require a parent or guardian to be the account owner, instead. Would't hurt to check it out, though.



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                prettybabezaz Level 1

                omg thank you sooo much for all your help...i am a beginner in graphics design so thanks for your help. I have a project where i need to design packaging for a mp3. I am doing the mp3 player cover, bag and swing tag. I am going for the pop art type because i love colours, so i like to make my work colourful. Any ideas?? and again thank you sooo much...oh btw, in graphics design can you not use an image from the internet??

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                  pixlor Level 4

                  Well, my design style is very different! I like more minimalist looks and I do Web sites that need to appeal to broad audience ranges. I wouldn't want to hamper your vision in any way.


                  I think your bright pop-art-style colors are a good fit for mp3 player packaging, though. Consider who the people would be that would buy an mp3 player. Many of them are your own age, so designing for yourself is designing for your customer base.


                  If you're just doing work for class, then you can probably pull images off the Internet, because only your teacher will see it. In general, however, no. In most cases, when someone makes an image (no matter how), they own the copyright and if you take it and do something with it then you've created a 'derivative work" to which the original image creator still owns the copyright. If you plan on entering anything in a contest or selling anything, then your work should be original from the start, or use base imagery you have permission to use.


                  Some images are "public domain" and available for you to use. Putting an image on the Internet does not make it public domain. The creator of the image must specifically say that he or she is releasing it as a public domain image.


                  Some reading for you:






                  And to look for public domain images of New York, here's a Google search:

                  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q="public+domain"+image+"new+york"&aq=f&oq=&a qi=g-p1g9


                  And, all this copyright stuff applies to any artwork you create, too. Nobody can ever take it away from you; you have to release your work (or, if you're working for someone else, the copyright may be theirs).

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                    prettybabezaz Level 1

                    okay thankyou that helped alot. I posted this same thing on other forums but non of them were as helpful as yours so thankyou so much!!