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    Animated Slides Won't. Stop. Looping.

    elemonated Level 1

      I've got a Captivate project right now that uses a number of captured animated slides. Right now, though, the animation is being problematic. What's happening is that each animated slide seems to loop, whether I want it to or not. For example, I have a slide where I grab a scroll bar and drag it over a bit so I can find something on the right side of my window. The slide picks up the animation just fine, but before moving onto the next slide, it loops back to the start, as if my scroll bar were attached to a rubber band that just got snapped back. Even more problematically, Captivate uses that "beginning" frame as the background for the next few slides, until finally catching up later. Thus, it looks like I am selecting elements on the screen at random.


      Bad times!


      I refuse to believe that Captivate can't work better than this. How can I get it to stop looping my animations?