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    Too Many Activations & Sony Ebook library...


      Is there an issue with having both ADE and the Sony software running on the same PC (and/or Adobe account)? I started with ADE because my bookstore said I needed it (before getting my sony reader) and then installed the sony software later. Having purchased a book which was readable in ADE I wanted to transfer it to my new reader using the sony software, but something went wrong and I ended up having to enter my adobe ID every time I switched between software, thus resulting in a 'too many activations' error. Assuming this was my fault, I thought I'd take the hit on the one ebook I'd purchased and start again on a different account. Needless to say the same thing has happened again, and I've now spent £14 on two books that I can't read or transfer to my sony device from either piece of software!


      I opened a case with support (Case #0181257116) a couple of weeks ago, and have had a reply saying it's been "escalated to senior level", whatever that means. Does anyone know if it's simply because I've got both pieces of software on the same PC? It's been recommended by a couple of people that I should sack them both off and go with something called Calibre - any suggestions?


      Thanks, Dan

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          First, let me apologize for the dismal state of our tech support.
          In the meantime I've reset the activations for both of your accounts.
          The Sony Library and ADE both share activation information, I would suggest keeping to one Adobe ID and then you should be able go back and forth between without any problem. However this does create a problem for you since you have books registered to both IDs. There is no way to consolidate two AdobeIDs which leaves you only a few options:

          1. Pick the AdobeID that you have the fewest books with.
            For those books contact the support for the store and ask to be able to redownload the books (mention specifically that you had an AdobeID problem and need "a new transaction ID").
          2. Manage both accounts - create a separate operating system user account - authorize ADE or Sony EBL on that account with the least used AdobeID and copy the books authorized to that AdobeID to that account.
            (Yes I understand that this is a completely ugly hack, but I mention in case 1. just isn't possible).

          Note: your Sony Reader may only be authorized to one AdobeID.

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            sodregal Level 1

            Thank you Jim,


            But can you suggest why this may have happened in the first place?

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              Not really sure.  Like I said make sure you are using a single ID.  Both ADE and EBL should be picking up the same authorization without a problem. If you have problems again, post here, and I'll reset your count for you.