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    BUG: Vertical Red/blue/green on right during video transitions (SOLVED)


      I was getting this phantom vertical bar on the right side of the video, and it took me 2 hours to figure out what was causing it. The video size of the sequence was 595x222 (it's for a flash element on a website); This glitch occured across all media types at this resolution: jpegs, mov, whatever. During the cross-dissolve (or any transition) a red vertical var would appear and would cycle colors to red and green during the transition. It showed up in the final exported render as well.


      THE SOLUTION:  I changed the width by 1px. That's it. I have no idea why that worked, but it fixed it– no more random color bar. It may have something to do with the width being an even vs odd number or not, or the aspect ratio of the height and width. Anyway, I hope this helps someone, and Adobe- put this on your to-do list.