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      Sorry I bugged my last message


      I have 2 separate movieclips of a cat's walk cycle, one cat walks left, the other walks right.  There is only one cat visible on screen at any one time, as the other one is made invisible with an _alpha of 0.


      I have set up a movieclip to act like 2 play buttons, so that when the cat who walks left gets to the end of its timeline, it swaps to the other playbutton frame, and so  the other cat movieclip comes into play and visible, and reacts to the alternative button state.


      At the moment however, the cats' can only start walking from the beginning of their walk cycles, i.e from the furthest left of the screen or the furthest right, so how do you set up the movieclips so that the cat can change its direction at any point along the timeline, giving more of an impression that the cat is just turning round on the spot?


      In its current state, it just looks as if when the 2 movieclips are swapped, that the cat has jumped from one place on the screen to another, instead of just turning round.