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    RH8 spawning extra <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tags

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      [Submitted Bug Report to Adobe - RH]


      This might be an issue for anyone using the Wrensoft Zoom Search product and using <!--ZOOMSTOP--> and <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tags to "hide" navigations, etc. from showing up in the search results. The odd thing is that it only seems to happen to the last instance in the topic. For example, most of our topics have three sets of these tag pairs:


      1. Top navigation (the breadcrumbs and mini-toc)
      2. H1 heading
      3. Bottom navigation (Feedback and Return to Top)


      but all these extras are placed after the third one only.


      Although technically not an issue except for topics that are constantly being edited, this is becoming bothersome. The file mentioned below now has 1600 extra lines that RH8 has been steadily piling up!

      ***** BUG *****

      Upon saving a modified topic, the <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tag at the end of a topic gets reproduced, over and over, with extra line spaces added between each one. One file has 40 instances of it, each with 39 line spaces between them. It seems this is happening each time the topic is modified and saved.

      Steps to reproduce bug:
      1. Open a topic.
      2. Modify the topic.
      3. Save the topic.

      Results: One more <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tag is added, and one more space between is added to all.

      Expected results: No <!--ZOOMRESTART--> tags added