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    Form compatability with Reader


      I've created a dynamic XML form (*.PDF) and set the default compatability to Acrobat/Reader 8.0 in LiveCycle ES (v and when I go to open it on a computer with 9.2 reader, I get a message indicating that it requires the Traditional Chinese Language Support package.  When I try to open it in 8.2 Reader, it just gives the standard message that I need a later version of the PDF viewer (note that this same message appears behind the Traditional Chinese Language Support Package dialog box when opening in 9.2).


      I have gone through the document and don't see anything referring to fonts or anything else Chinese related.  My form properties indicate the form locate as English (USA).


      Any ideas?

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          pguerett Level 6

          That message usually appears beacuse of a font issue .....can you post your form so we can inspect it and see if we can determine which font needs to additioanl Language?



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            gdarnley Level 1

            Here it is.  FYI, I had thought of that and pretty much changed every font to either Times New Roman, Ariel or Ariel Narrow.  I also change the Form Property to not embed the fonts, thinking that this might be an issue as well.


            I'm new to LiveCycle but find it very cool indeed.  Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

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              gdarnley Level 1

              To provide a little more information on this, the form was initially created by converting an MS Word document.  One of the things that I noticed immediately is that in the conversion, every sentence was its own Text control and in many cases got wrapped in a subform...hundreds of subforms.  In addition, when I was going through and changing fonts earlier (some of the things I created in LiveCycle such as radio buttons, buttons and checkboxes were automatically created with a Myriad Pro font which I suspected as a possible culprit so I changed them to either Arial or Arial Narrow but to no avail) I saw that most of the fonts were Times New Roman.


              As I am working on trying to wrap up this form before Monday, I just noticed that there appears to be a wacky thing with the Times New Roman font.  The text that was converted when I initially started the form from the Word doc are showing as "TimesNewRoman" however when I change the font using the LiveCycle font selection it is coming up as "Times New Roman" (spaces between the words).  Not sure if there is something going on there, e.g. maybe the conversion turned the Word version of Times New Roman into some variant that requires the Traditional Chinese package, but thought I would bring that up.


              FYI, I am going through EVERYTHING and changing the font to the Times New Roman selection on the fonts pallette so if that resolves the issue I will post an update, but if I'm off base and someone has another idea, please let me know.


              Thanks again to anyone reading this!!!

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                pguerett Level 6

                I think you have found the issue. The original word doc referenced that TimesNewRoman font. I do not know enough about it but when I cahnge all of the fonts toi Times new Roman I no longer get the Chineese pack font. The eaiest way to do that is to activate the XML view (View/XML Source). Then click on the XML Source view tab. Then you can to a replace all (ctrl-H) and replace TimesNewRoman with Times New Roman. Then try your form.


                I did it already and posted my result here.


                Also you can combine similar objects together into a common object. Simply lasso the objects in the instruction set (do not selct the rectangle) then right click and select merge. It will merge all of those text obejcts into one common text object. I did a couple of  them but not all in my sample.



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                  gdarnley Level 1

                  Thank you for going through all of that.  I had done the same thing over the weekend and found the same thing.  Just for anyone running into this problem down the road, here is what I did:


                  - Instead of directly importing the Word document into LiveCycle (that generated a master page for every page in the document which was undesireable although I'm not sure why) I used the Adobe PDF/Convert to Acrobat PDF option that gets added to Word when you install Acrobat Pro.  In that I had selected the option to embed the fonts and used the 6.0 compatibility option.


                  - When that was opened with the LiveCycle, the way I found the discrepency was by noticing that the font that was showing for each of the controls was "TimesNewRoman" (no spaces between the words) and any new controls that I put on the form where I wanted that same font showed as "Times New Roman" (spaces between words).


                  Again, many thanks for wading through that whole thing.  There are many things about the conversion which were undesireable, namely that any paragraph of static text got broken into the separate Text areas for each line, and where a given line had an embedded word or words that were bolded/italicized/underlined, the conversion turned that single Text area into 3 different ones...the first for the text leading up to the bold/italicized/underlined word(s), a second for the those word(s) and a third for the remaining text.  That is quite messy, however I'm not sure that creating a document of the length I had (12 pages) would any easier to create from scratch in LiveCycle.


                  Don't get me wrong...this is a really powerful tool, but it is a bit klugey to use for developing documents from scratch.