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    Subclassed DataGridColumn does not render in FB3 design mode

    Julio Carneiro

      [Flex 3.4]

      I am subclassing DGC in a library of mine. Everything works perfectly, no problems in runtime.


      But FB3 does not render my columns... If I have a mix of DGC and MyDGC on a DG, the framework's standard DGC render well, mine don't. If I have only MyDGC in a datagrid, it shows as an empty grid, as if no columns were declared. But again, it works fine in runtime.


      Is there any trick, setting or property I need to set in my manifest.xml or design.xml?


      I know that DGC rendering in FB3 is done differently than other components.


      Is there a way to do what I want? or do I have to live with that?