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    Content DVD for installing Menu Templates


      Every time Iaunch PE8, I get the following Alert pop-up message:


      Install Full Content


      A reduced set of content (Instant Movies, Title and Menu Templates, etc) has been installed.  To install the full content set, please insert your Content DVD and run Setup.exe.  If you you do not have a ContentDVD please visit http://www.adobe.com/go/pre_additional_downloads to download the content installer.


      [] Do not show again


      However, when I go to the URL, I see nothing for PE8.  Just something under PE7 that says "Download Instant Movie Themes, Title templates, DVD/Blu-Ray Menu Templates , & music to enhance your movies created with Adobe Premiere Elements".  BUT clicking this leads to download of PE8 trials (which I already have and installed...and after trials, purchased).


      So, question is that if


      A.  you have just purchased the downloaded of Premier Elements 8 (and, therefore, not have a content DVD) and,

      B.  do not have PLUS membership... and do not want to pay any sort of ongoing "membership/subscription" for this.


      can I (how?) get DVD Menu templates for PE8?  I know there are various 3rd party sites and PE8 has open architecture so that anyone can make any templates limted only by their imagination, but I am asking just about the official, certified-to-work stuff from Adobe.  Right now I just have two templates and one of them is for Plus members only...