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    Dear God... PLEASE HELP... Selection Hieght value is grayed out.


      I dont know whats up with this... but all of a sudden today, in my flash cs4 (mac and PC versions) When i go to open a fla in flash to work on it, i select a text box... in the properties window under position and size --- HIEGHT-(selection hieght) value is grayed out... I opened fla's that i had don before but this also now affects them as well. I tried opening on my PC .. now it does the same thing. Every file i open now.. when i got to the properties of a text box ... the height values are grayed out. I am using Palatino roman font... in a simple text box.

      Position and size:

      x:20       y:15

      w:264     H:335.2 <-------- grayed out!!!


      I have opened these files in cs3... and that now is also experiencing this......

      PLEASE HELP... Im in the middle of a project --- with extreme deadlines...





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          phantomlady Level 1

          Sorry.. left out some important info


          I am running MAC os Snow Leopard

          Runing XP pro as well..  looks like once file is from Mac Snow Leopard to the XP the problem is also now in CS4/CS3 in the windows system too...


          Noticed this post :

          ??? related problem



          Hi, i am experiencing a strange and unpleasant situation.


          I am using CS3 and upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6.2 last night, along downloading the latest Flash Player for browsers.


          Problem is that now all of my text block arent displaying the same line height that before i updated?????


          I compared the same exact SWF made under Tiger and those made under Snow Leopard and the two arent identical, lines are misaligned regarding line height!


          What gives? Flash or OSX interpreting fonts differently?