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    Button Performance Slow or Weird



      First let me say I am am fairly new to flash and I am still learning about all the scripting languages. I've created a site and all the buttons "work" and take you where you are supposed to go but sometimes they act a little weird. The movieclips that the buttons trigger don't play right away, or they start playing in the middle or things move slower than they should. It seems to happen most frequently when you click from page to page quickly, then the transitions don't play the way they should. I need it to flow flawlessly no matter how fast the buttons are clicked between pages.


      You can see what I mean here:



      Each time you click a button the content should slide out and the new content should slide in. The new content always slides in but the old content does not always slide out in conjunction.


      Each button's action in the main timeline is set to:


      on (release) {



      on (release) {




      all the in movie clips are on the stage out of sight at all times and all the movie clips are 30 frames long and move 1474 pixels to the left during those frames. They each have a gotoandstop (frame1) behavior on the first frame and a gotoandstop _root behavior on frame 30 that sets up the next page on the main timeline.


      So what is going on? Why are some movie clips not playing at the same time or starting at the middle? Help would be greatly appreciated!