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    Pass additional data to onPeerConnect


      Is there any way to pass additional data in the NetStream object so that when it is received by onPeerConnect it can be retrieved?  I have an app that can manage multiple "conversations" but the callee needs to know not only who the peer is that is calling, but some sort of additional info about the conversation to connect it's incoming stream to.

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          Sean S Murphy Level 1

          I don't think you can pass additional data through onPeerConnect, however i have seen applications use multiple netStream objects, one where everyone is able to get through, and one that is locked down, the public netStream is used to share the additional information before the actual private connection is established.


          Another thought that just came to my mind, but i don't know if it will work. The netStream object has a client object on it, you might be able to attach the additional data on that and read it on the other side.