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    link not working




      hi there

      I bought ready templete for flash website and have problem with creating code for link. You can see templete website on happyrobot.info/good and I want to place links behinde ABOUT US , SOLUTIONS , SERVICES so I can redirect to diferen sites. You can download fla file from happyrobot.info/download  it is index.fla

      can anyone help me

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you show what have tried use and explain how you tried to implement it?

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            balocik Level 1

            I click on inv_button and then edit it. Then option ACTION and in section Symbol Definition(s)/b_solutions/inv_button I place code like


            onRelease=function( ) {

            getURL("http://mysite.com", "_blank");





            on click {

            getURL("http://mysite.com", "_blank");



            or that work but not propelly cos movie clip stops playing with this code but link works


            btnMC.onRelease=function( ) {

            getURL("http://mysite.com", "_blank");



            This is what I do and obviesly I do something wrong.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I do not follow what you are describing in your first sentence. The last example of code is the only correct one of the three in terms of correct coding.  You take the instance name of the button and assign an event function to it.  This code goes in the timeline that holds the button.  Each button should have a unique instance name assigned to it via the properties panel.  These are the names you use in place of btnMC in your code.  If you select the button on the stage and see that code in the Actions panel, then that code is not in the right place.  Code that is on the button would be more along the lines of the second example you show, except the correct coding of it would be:





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                balocik Level 1

                Yes You are right but my question is could you explain me step by step how to do it.

                When I take index.swf and place it in Flash Decompiler I can see button ABOUT US with action script



                but when I open index.fla in flah CS3 and I edit action script of the same button a see this


                which is nothing.

                Question is where I can finde code from first picture cos what I need to do is change just bottom part of that code "about.swf" to "www.mysite.com"


                That code must be somewhere in index.fla file because when I publish this file and make index.swf without any changes and then check index.swf in Flash Decompiler and on serwer ewerything works under original code from picture 1.

                What to do step by step to edit original code from picture 1 using Adobe Flash CS3.

                pleasae help me