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    can subclass of EventDispatcher execute SQLStatement asynchronously?

    timo888 Level 1

      I'm within an "inch" of having ported my app from .NET to Flex/AIR. I have it working fine synchronously except for a problem refreshing the UI and getting the ProgressBar to work. So I  wanted to try asynchronous mode. However, I cannot get either the errorhandler or the resulthandler to fire when the SQLStatement is executed!    It's as if the eventhandlers aren't properly wired up. Any way to tell if they are, apart from placing a break-point inside the handler? The class attempting to do this work is a subclass of EventDispatcher.  Are EventDispatchers not legal sinks for asynch data-connection events?


      The connection is open.  The database is running. The parameters are in place. I'm using event-driven pseudo-loops.

      It should be working like a champ.  But it's not even getting to first base.


      Please see attached screenshot showing debugger values and code.