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    Search and Index don't work in help project on Web server

    Histrionic Icarus



      I use RH 7 on Windows XP, and generate my help project using WebHelp.


      The Search and Index functions work perfectly fine in the generated help project on my hard drive, but when the project is deployed to our Web server for user acceptance testing, these functions don't work.


      • When I search for a term, the help project displays either "Searching..." or "Loading data, please wait..." (in a yellow box that displays only for a second or two), but no search results display. When I search for a word in the generated project on my hard drive, the results display immediately.
      • When I click the Index tab, the index list is completely blank.


      For both functions, the "Done, but with errors on page" or "Error on page" message displays in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser window; when I click the icon (exclamation point in a yellow triangle), an error message displays with the following details:


      Line: 688

      Char: 7

      Error: 'aTopics[...].sTopicTitle' is null or not an object

      Code: 0

      URL: http://<I removed this part of the path for security purposes>/webhelp/whfbody.htm


      I've attached a PDF that includes screen shots comparing how these functions work on my hard drive and on the Web server (for security purposes, I crudely blocked out any company references in the URLs in the screen shots).


      Does anyone have an idea off the top of their head as to what might be preventing the Index and Search functions from working? Perhaps this is due to a configuration or security setting on our Web server or something - this entire process is new to me, so I have no idea how to resolve this.


      Thanks in advance!