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    building one .chm out of others

    Tech Writer KC Level 1
      My company is part of a larger company, each with separate but similar product lines, and some of our software modules have been made into modules that can work with either product line. We are responsible for a separate help file that covers these "add on modules".

      I would like to make this add on help a single .chm generated using conditional tags, but I had a few questions:

      1) can one .chm be built out of multiple ones? In our own help system, each module has its own sub-chm linked together through a master chm. Can we build one chm file that grabs the relevant parts out of these other projects?

      2) If so, how is the ToC done for this new chm? This new chm will have its own content in addition to what it pulls from the other projects.

      I guess I'm unclear as to how conditional building works when external links are involved. I understand the basic concept of building multiple versions of a single project (although I haven't had to do that yet), but not sure if conditional tags can be read "through" an external link (that is, that the add-on project can go out to these other projects and recognize what text needs to be dropped.