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    WindowedApplication Resize and Minimize

      Is there a way to differentiate between the WindowedApplication windowResize event and the applicationDeactivate event (which, from what I can tell only gets fired when you minimize or hide the window)? For example, I have a function that fires when the window gets resized (windowResize event) that adjusts the components on the screen to maintain aspect ratio. This all works great, except the function also gets fired when you minimize the window causing some problems in my function.

      So I need something that will help with this - like telling the app. not to fire the windowResize event when you minimize.

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          ev0sonic Level 1
          Ok, I figured out a way around this using the calllater method:

          When the function was fired I decided to get the height of the window to tell me if the application was minimized or not - well that's great, except the function was getting fired before the window actually got minimized all the way, so that didn't work until I used callLater which allowed the window to complete minimizing so I could get the height after it was minimized. After that it was as simple as if this.height != 0 call resize function.

          <mx:WindowedApplication windowResize="removeResize(event)" />

          private function removeResize(event:Event):void {

          private function remove2():void {
          if (this.height != 0) {