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    Forms Database


      We have created and distriubted a Form tha is working for us. But we have now discovered that there is a limit on how many Submissions the Form Database can contain.


      Is there any way to increase the capacity of the Forms Database?


      A copy of the Form is attached.


      Thank you.



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          $Nith$ Level 4

          "But we have now discovered that there is a limit on how many Submissions the Form Database can contain."


          What is this limitation? From where did you find this information?




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            livingem4290 Level 1



            Thank you for responding.


            We are a not for profit organization that produces Christian literature. Our financial resources are limited.


            We have produced somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 audio cassettes which we are now converting to MP3 Files. The audio content is also being transcribed.


            We created the attached form to collect the data into a database that will help us control the vast amount of information involved.


            I created the form and distributed it to several recipients on our LAN, who began to enter and submit the data.


            After about 800 submissions were made, the Database crashed, and all but 265 entries were lost.


            In addition, the computer from which the Form was distributed, which was compiling the data, will no longer open the Form, but the Form will open on the other computers on the LAN.


            Further, the Tracker in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro will not open at all, so we can no longer use the Tracker on that computer to track other Distributed Forms.


            I spoke to someone at Adobe on the telephone who told me that we, unknowingly, had violated the licence agreement, which states that Distributed Forms Databases can only accommodate up to 500 submissions.


            As I am writing this, I am thinking that I am in the wrong forum and that this is an Adobe Acrobat problem, and not a Live Cycle Designer problem. Is this correct?


            In any event, can you help us, or direct me to someone who can?


            Thank you very much.



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              livingem4290 Level 1

              Can anyone help?

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                The limit is stated in the EULA.