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    CS2 USED to open my raw files, and now it doesn't. HELP!


      This is probably addressed somewhere but Ive looked and have been unable to find an answer to my specific problem.


      I previously had an imac G5 with CS2. I purchased a new camera (Canon 5D) and the computer had no trouble opening and editing raw files. WEll...computer crashed, I bought a new computer, installed CS2 and low and behold, I no longer seem to have Camera Raw. Where did it go? No amount of downloading plugins will help, since I don't have it in the first place. I get an error message "Photoshop does not recognize this type of file" both when I try to open a RAW file AND when I try to install a camera raw plugin.


      I am so frustrated. I have piles of shoots to edit and I'm falling behind. PLEASE HELP.