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    How do I export ONLY the workspace artwork?


      First of all hi everyone, i think this is my first post here.


      now for the problem: illustrator cs4: its simple, when i export my artwork it saves everything incuding whats on the pasteboard (not the direct stage / immediate workspace).


      so my question is how do i export just the workspace artwork to tiff or jpeg? (ultimately will need to be jpeg)


      i dont see why it would export every visible thing, i must be missing something obvious..


      thanks in advance!

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          shunithD Level 3

          If it's just for TIFF or JPEG, there are various ways:


          1/ Remove all the redundant stuff and Save As (so you don't loose the working stuff lying around). Then export the 'clean' file.


          2/ Select the area / objects you want and then export. What i often do is create a background of the work / page area. Selecting that automatically includes all the stuff within. Otherwise, as said, just select all the objects that make up the content you want to export.


          Perhaps someone else will be along to give you a more 'elegant' solution

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            Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



            At least in older versions, the Workspace meant the whole area you could work on, and the Artboard was the area corresponding to the page.


            In the oldest versions you had to Object>Crop Marks>Make to crop the artwork.


            Later, that became Object>Crop Area>Make. I am not sure whether you can still set Crop Area in CS4.


            And even later, the Artboard has had its own tool and has been working as crop area, so you could DoubleClick the Artboard Tool and set it to enclose the selected artwork. Is that not the way it works in CS4?

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              In CS 4 you have the option to export the entire canvas essentially or just the art board if you look at the screen shot you will see the option to use the artboard and to select all in which case a tiff for each will be made or use a range and select one or more art boards. That simply. It should probably be checked by default but it is not.


              Screen shot 2009-11-14 at 7.56.09 AM.png

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                In CS 4 you can hold the shift key while in the Artboard tool and then create a new artboard within the current artboard an use that artboard ( set to fit artwork) that will have a number and you use the same option to use art board select Range and enter the number of the artboard. if you have art on several artboards that you want to export you do the same thing and in one operation enter their numbers and they will all be exported.


                The only problem here is that you cannot export them with different names unless you did that one at a time. What you now get is the name with a numeric suffix in sequence. Which is actually required for some purposes.