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    Buttons to control video not working

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      I have tried to make simple buttons to control play, stop, paus and play again of a video. When that did not work I found the below instructions, and made movieclips for the buttons to use with the imported FLVPlayback (with none skin).

      In step 2 I choose play (for the first play-button/movieclip).

      In step 3, there is no video to choose in the box - only my own movieclips.

      In step 4 - what's the difference?

      In step 5 - there is no setting field...

      Control video playback using behaviors

      1. Select the movie clip to trigger the behavior.
      2. In the Behaviors panel (Window > Behaviors), click the Add (+) button, and select the desired behavior from the Embedded Video submenu.
      3. Select the video to control.
      4. Select a Relative or Absolute path.
      5. If required, select settings for the behavior parameters and click OK.
      6. In the Behaviors panel under Event, click On Release (the default event) and select a mouse event. To use the On Release event, leave the option unchanged.