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    File Open Initial Size in CS4


      In previous versions of FW, if I didn't have any other files opened, a new file (image or graphic) would always scale to fit in the window. If another file was already open then the new file displayed at 100% and I had to resize it before working on it. In FW CS4, files always open at 100% and now I have to resize them before working on them - an added step that wasn't necessary before. I can't find any preference that changes that behavior.


      Is there any way to change that behavior?





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          Michel Bozgounov Level 2

          Not sure if there may be a preference for that in Fireworks.


          You may try to find the Fw CS4 user preference file, it's possible that it contains some preference for zoom on initial opening of files.


          On Windows XP, the file is here:

          C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS4\English\Fireworks CS4 Preferences.txt


          For Vista/7, it will be probably here:

          C:\USERS\USERNAME\AppData\Adobe\Fireworks CS4\English\Fireworks CS4 Preferences.txt


          For MacOS, check here:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Fireworks/10.0_Using/WS4c25cfbb1410b0021e63e3d1152b00d9a7-7ff0 .html


          Be sure to make a backup of the file, before editing! (And to edit it while Fireworks is closed.)


          Another suggestion is to use the standard Fireworks shortcut ctrl/cmd+0 right after opening the file (ctrl/cmd+0 is "open with zoom to fit visible area"). It's quick and easy!


          Hope this helps!