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    PE7 keeps crashing and has become unusable


      I'm relatively new to PE7 but have become increasingly frustrated with it's performance. Essentially, it just keeps crashing and I don't know why.


      I get error messages like: 


      "Adobe PE7 is running very low on system memory" and sometimes I just get the windows error message "Adobe PE7 has stopped working" 


      However, as far as I'm aware my system has plenty of available memory and meets the requirements of the program. I've looked through this forum and found lots of similar problems but I have been unable to find a fix. Some threads have some technical info that goes way over my head. I've tried a few things like holding the shift key down when I start the program to clear the cache, checking my graphics card driver is up to date, and running a windows clean up program. 


      I'm currenty trying to edit about 8 minutes worth of AVCHD footage.


      My system info is as follows: 

      Windows Vista Home Premium

      Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Processor 2.20GHz

      RAM: 4.00GB

      System Type: 32-bit Operating System

      Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1200 Series 




      If someone could help I'd be really grateful. Steve