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    Pattern changes after reopening the file.


      I was trying to remain the posiition of the pattern applied to an object after I moved (or copied and moved) the object, so I selected the option "Transform Pattern Tiles" < General < Preference or even selecedt the option in the Transformation panel. The result was what I wanted, the moved/copied and moved object has identical pattern style as the original object.

      However, after I saved the file, closed it, and then reopened it, the position of the pattern of the moved object somehow changed.


      To demonstrate this issue, I've created a pattern like the following: inspection_pattern.gif

      I applied this pattern to a sqaure, which appears like this: sample_1.gif

      I ensure both settings in the Preference and Transformation Panel, and then I dragged the square while holding the Alt to create a duplicate in aother position, which of course resulted in an identical square exactly like the above image.

      Now the file has two identical squares in it, I saved the file and closed it, and then I reopend the file.

      The second square now appears like this: sample_2.gif, in which the pattern has different distribution style than previously. The only way I know to solve this is to expand the object and then the pattern style will be consistent after being moved.

      I'm just wondering, is it a bug, the way it is, or did I just overlook any settings?

      The file I used to test is in the attachment for you to see for yourself. I suggest you copy more than a few and save the file, close the file and then reopen it. Because sometimes you might just get lucky.

      Note: I've seen this issue in both Illustrator CS and CS2.