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    Even with a dual Xeon Z800, AVCHD still not smooth, is this normal?

    skeeze Level 1

      I recently purchased an elephant of a machine, an HP Z800 with 36GB or RAM, 2 3.33Ghz Quad core XEON's, fast SATA drives (SSD boot), and a Quadro FX3800...and while everything runs fast, and PPRO can still play AVCHD footage on the timeline (from Canon HF11 at 17MBps), it still pixelizes pretty bad...somewhat workable, but I would think that with this much power it should be smooth as silk.  So...is this just where are at with PPRO with AVCHD no matter what the hardware, or should I be looking for a system problem?  AE displays this a little bit, but not nearly as much as PPRO.  This is a very clean installation of Windows7 with all the latest drivers/Updates for everything.  I have benchmarked the machine with Passmark to ensure that all subsystems are running within specs...just don't get this.