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    Are style sheets required?

    Janatwork Level 1

      Now that I've had two project crashes, I tread softly as I do my editing in my project, looking under every rock and paying attention to every snapping twig... Now I'm worried about a style sheet issue --


      From scanning my Topic List in my RoboHelp 8 (Microsoft HTML) project, I just realized that several htm topics do not have a style sheet. The rest of the topics have the project style sheet, namely, CarePartner.css . Might this be a problem -- that a few topics have no style sheet? I'm suspecting that these may have been the topics that I imported to recover from my RoboHelp project crashes: when I imported the missing topics, I didn't import the style sheet with them, because I didn't know I needed to. Perhaps that's why these few topics are missing the style sheet?


      I'm not real familiar with style sheets. I just tried to link the style sheet to several topics (i.e., selected the topic, in Properties-Appearance selected the style sheet and clicked OK), but still no style sheet appears next to those topics in the Topic List.


      So, should I just ignore the fact that a few of the topics lack a specific style sheet? Will the project work OK if they don't have a style sheet?


      Thanks in advance for any other insights regarding topics that are missing style sheets.