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    Chrome Library

      I have successfully used many of the chrome library and followed through examples such as the Opel Signum by Karl Sigiscar (Thanks Karl).
      However I have been unable to get the "Load motions" with the "Play animations" to work even after taking advice from various books such as "Shockwave 3D" by Jason Wolf , "3D for the Web" by C Macgillivray and Anthony Head and "Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio for 3D" by exporting animation only w3ds etc..
      I have managed to use the ordinary "play animation" from the non "Chrome Lib" with a mouse trigger to get various models to display their animations on click but only after exporting the file complete with all the animations.
      Not sure where I am going wrong!! is there something I need to look out for or am I missing a step.
      Would be grateful for help, I tried www.chromelib.com but its no longer there.