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    Illustrator changes my document when I save it


      Howdy all


      I have started using Illustrator literally just the other day. I'm a music composition student and I need to colour-code the notes (we're encouraged to be "avant garde").


      Anyway, my actual problem is that I open up a pdf page in Illustrator, successfully change all the notes to being the right colour (Illustrator reads the notes as objects or fonts I think), but when I open the file again later after saving it, all the notes I have edited have disappeared. A couple times they haven't disappeared altogether, but have instead been replaced by little triangle shapes above where the note would be (in music notation I would call the triangles 'marcatos'; they look somewhat like this : < only rotated).


      Could anyone offer any insight as to why this would happen? I don't really even know where to begin. I've played around with the save settings and RBG templates or what-have-you, thinking it might be saving the colours wrong, but that didn't help (although I must admit I didn't know what I was doing or even what I was trying to do).


      If anyone could help me get it to save these in colour it would be greatly appreciated.