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    Datalist performance issue

    arpstorm Level 1

      Ok I have been working on a new app, and have been using a great deal of datalists to facilitate navigating the various areas of the application.  After creating several of these the app really started to crawl.  30-60 seconds to select a row in the design time data, so I could change the text for that field in the datalist.  After waiting those 30-60 seconds sometimes I could not type and would have to doulbeclick again, usually resulting in an even longer wait.


      What I was working on was a series of data lists that were all very similar.  Each one had a drawn square, a drawn triangle, the drawn triangle had a drop shadow, there were 3 images all resized from within catalyst, and there were initially 7 text fields.  These seemed to be working fine then they were experiencing the issue outlined above. I think this may have been after I did the following but I cant remember.  Reverted one of them back to artwork so I could make a slightly different version, and then deleted a few datalists, and components that I was not using any more from the library.


      I thought maybe something had gotten corrupted in the project.  To test this out I then started a new project created a data list using the steps above, and it experienced the same problem.  So I tried a few different things like reducing the number of text fields, getting rid of the drawn objects etc.  Still the same performance issue (in a project that only had that one data list)


      I then exited catalyst and reopened it, and tried to repeat the last test.  No performance issue this time.  I then reopened my other project and it appears the performance issue is gone.  So whatever triggered the issue corrupted something in the main app itself.  I will keep an eye on this in case it happens again.  If there is anything I can check for when it happens please let me know.