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    "Selected Slices Only" Problem


      I'm started to get extremely frustrated...  I imported graphics from photoshop to slice and export for web use.


      In the web layer i have 2 sublayers, one for bkg elements, one for foregound elements.  I'm having several problems.  For one, I can't reorder the sublayers (which has already been brought up in another topic), so I'm not gonna get into that too much.


      However, my biggest problem concerns export.  When I select alll the slices in one of my web sublayers, I go to the export dialogue and check "selected slices only" and UN-check "include areas without slices" before export.  When I export, the exact opposite is happening!  The selected slices are the ONLY files that DO NOT get exported.  I don't have a clue what is going on and I've tried everything...

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          I think we may be tryingto do the same thing. I want to use fireworks as the focal point of my website architecture. The Pages, States and Layers arangement is a natural way to have a sites CSS,HTML, and graphics updatable and exportable from a single document. From what I understand it was the intention to have the program work as we want but it was released prematurely.


          I want to uses seperate states for normal, hover, and selected button graphics. Each state would have its button slices named differently so that the exported graphics files could be identified. It is very nice that the slice name is used as the exported file name. But as it turns out, it is not possible to have different sub layers for different states on the web layer. And as we find in the other discussion thred it is not possible to re-arange them eigther.


          What I have found is that if there are identical slices on different sub lsyers then only the bottom most sublayers slices will be exported. This is true for exporting "CSS and Images" as well as exporting "Selected Images". What I do to overcome this is to do an initial export of "CSS and Images". Then I save the FW document. Next I delete the bottom most sublayer, select the sublayer to export next and export "Selected Slices Only". Then I hit Undo to bring my deleted sublayer back into the Web Layer.


          Caution, do not go get one of those Mauy Thai's between the second export and the Undo as you may loose your deleted sublayer.


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            Slices are not layer independant, so when you overlap them, there are almost always problems. If it's buttons you are creating, try using the button symbol. FW will generate each state of of a button symbol if you export out as images only or as HTML and Images. CSS export only supports a single state - the one currently visible.


            So export your CSS and Images page. Then select the slices containg mulitple sates and export those selected slices as Images Only. You'll still have to wire up the rollovers in Dreamweaver, but at least you're not having to export-delete-save-undo each time. 


            Another option is to create duplicate pages. Each "duplicate" can display the page view you want sliced. Slices are page independent form page to page (unless you're sharing a web sublayer across pages).



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              Thanks Jim,


              I know what I'm going to do now.


              It would be nice if the option HTML->Document Specific->Slice File Names->State Names had a selection to use the names of the states as the suffix appended to the file name.


              Maybe you could mention this to one of your Adobe buddies sometime. I would gladly test it as a beta. I would even send you a dollar bill, maybe two.


              Thanks again for the help.