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    cs4 design premium text

    mg willis

      I have recently purchased cs4 design premium.  I have completed a brochure using the blank brochure template.  When I saved the ai file and reopened I received the "font problem" that the myriadpro-regular font is not found on the system.  I have read that using a font which is not universal can be a problem when printing from other locations and importing to other programs so I changed all the font to be "openType".  After saving this I still receive the same "problem".  I have checked my windows font list and the myriadpro-regular is actually listed.  I then went to the blank brochure template supplied with cs4 and discovered the template gets the same "problem".  What is wrong with this?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          I have read this and I understand the open type font.  I don't understand why when I open the blank brochure template from Adobe it gives me the error message:



               Font not found on the system; missing font has been substituted.


          Since I was not able to get support from Adobe I changed all the font I could find on the brochure to a standard Open Type font found in my "font" directory even though I knew the MyriadPro-Regular was also on the system.  I even searched for a way to ask Illustrator to search the document for the "rogue" font to no avail.  No matter what I do I receive this message every time I open one of my brochures.  I am able to print the brochure but I am afraid this might be a problem later on.  Is the Illustrator font file elsewhere?  Did it not load when the software loaded?  Is there a file path missing?  I have found nothing in the help to tell me where Illustrator looks for the for the font.  I thought at first I had done something wrong, being new to Illustrator.  Then I opened the template again and received the same error when I had done nothing but open the template.


          I really appreciate your answering my query but I still don't know what is wrong and how to fix it.  From the way I understood the places you referenced, this is what I would do if the fonts were missing from the system.  If this is not correct please let me know.


          Thanks again for your response