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    Digital Signature

    gurlnpink Level 1

      Is there a way to automatically generate a self-signed digital certificate for users signing a pdf form without digital certificate?

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          gurlnpink Level 1

          Does anyone know how I can achieve this?  Is it even possible?  I can't find anything in here nor in google that can help me.

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            SForrest96 Level 4

            I'm not sure about any third party utilities, but I do know that you can't automate the generation of self-signed certificates using Acrobat or Reader.  As far as I know there are open source certificate servers available.










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              gurlnpink Level 1

              Thanks for the references, SForrest96.  I went through the documentations of these open-source utilities but I am still at lost as to how I can integrate it with my own project.  To give you a basic understanding of what I'm doing, I have a website (.Net C#) that hosts interactive PDFs (created using LiveCycle Designer).  Each form can be submitted online.  With the submission, I would like to authenticate the request by allowing the user to digitally sign the form.  But since not all users will have certificates, I would like to automate the process so that upon creation of their accounts a certificate (maybe self-sign digital ID) is created for them and maybe store those certificates somewhere in our application server or database.