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    ANN: Win an iPhone 3G with your site or layout

    Level 7
      WebAssist is pleased to announce their 4th annual Do More/Win More contest.
      Now you have two ways to win the top prize: a maxed-out iPhone 3G!

      Enter the URL of your best site built with WebAssist tools like eCart,
      DataAssist or SiteAssist to go for an iPhone 3G and $500 in WebAssist

      - or -

      Upload your customized CSS Sculptor layout and CSS Menu Writer menu for a
      chance at an 16GB iPhone 3G and $500 towards WebAssist products.

      We're giving away over $3,000 in prizes this year. See contest details here:

      Enter early and often! You can enter as many sites, layouts and menus as
      you'd like.

      Best - Joe

      Joseph Lowery
      VP of Marketing, WebAssist - http://www.webassist.com
      Author, Dreamweaver CS3 Bible - http://www.idest.com/dreamweaver/