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      Lots of recent beach balls when quitting Catalyst. Attached crash log.


      - Chris

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          I too have been getting this a bit.  I am also getting repeated crashes right now trying to edit a text box.  Here is the crash box text that keeps popping up.



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            Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

            Brian, Chris,

            Thanks for the crash logs. Out of curiousity, did you both begin seeing crashes after you updated to 10.6.2? or did they begin happening prior to that?




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              arpstorm Level 1



              I did occasionally have issues where catalyst would get very slow for some time and I would have to bounce it to refresh performance.  This was especially true if I slept my machine with catalyst open, or if catalyst was left open for a long period.  The crashes however I believe did mainly start after 10.6.2, but this could also be to me not haiving worked on my project using catalyst for a few weeks.



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                Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

                Thanks Brian,

                Since Beta 2 was posted, we've found and addressed memory leaks that caused Catalyst to slow down after it had been left running for a long while. I just heard back from the developer to whom I sent both crash logs. He noted that neither of these is 10.6.2-related. They are however resultant of low memory conditions. With Beta 2, I'd suggest quitting, clearing the workspace (delete files in user>Library>Application Support>Adobe>Flash Catalyst) and re-opening the FXP. If you continue to see crashes after that, please post new crash logs and we'll check them out.



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                  SFChris Level 1

                  Thanks Eric,


                  FYI, I did not experience this exact problem with Beta 1. My post was related to Catalyst Beta 2 hanging when attempting to quit Catalyst.


                  That said, I have noticed the risk of crash increases with the length of my Catalyst sessions, etc. To manage, with limited success, I was doing the following hourly:


                  - Save project

                  - Close project

                  - Quit Catalyst

                  - Restart OSX (occasionally)



                  Big thanks again, I'll be back in touch if I experience problems after following recommended workarounds...


                  - Chris