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    Path Type Tool


      HI There,


      I just downloaded the trial version of Illustrator CS4.  Question, I am trying to open the text box to click on path type tool and nothing is opening.  NOt only on the test box but any of the other buttons with the arrows for other options.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          sevak1 Level 1

          You Need to first create a Path to use Path type tool.


          Select pen tool and create a path.


          Go to Type tool and select Type on path and start typing what ever you need.


          They type will occur on your path created by Pen tool.

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            ck0822 Level 1

            yes I have created the shape.  None of the boxes with the arrows to allow you more options with them are opening up.

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              sevak1 Level 1

              What do you mean by options?


              after you select pen tool or drag a box select type box do not release the curser point at small triangle at lower edge it will open the options for you select the option you want and release the curser. the type selected will change to a slanting T, bring your curser on area where you want to begin your typing and click one time than start typing you will get this ...

              sample attached.


              If you still cannot do anything re-instal the CS 4 Your download may be corrupted.

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                ck0822 Level 1

                thanks for your help.  It is still not working.  I was wondering where it is the trial version if it does not allow you all the regular options.

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                  sevak1 Level 1

                  Download your trial version from Adobe.com


                  I have never heard about any problems with trial version unless there was a installation issue, make sure your computer meets with the minimum requirements for CS4 if thats not fulfilled your CS 4 will not work.


                  Please recheck that you are doing everything right by reading this link ....


                  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Illustrator/14.0/WS714a382cdf7d304e7e07d0100196cbc5f-63ffa.htm l

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                    JETalmage Level 6

                    If you are talking about the icons in the main TOOL BOX, press and hold the tool for a second for the flyout tools to open; don't just click the tool.