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    Variable scope problem

      I'm having trouble understanding variables scope in the following situation. To see it dynamically, go to my site and click on Librio. Click then on the first book from the left (Les Années-rebours).

      The code reads an XML file which includes a summary of the book, and also the reviews it obtained. For each review, a circle appears. These buttons are created dynamically. I'm trying to pass the appropriate XML node to the onRelease function, but to no avail. Any idea? (Code below commented)

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          The 'i' in the button's release function will get whatever value 'i' has at the moment the function executes. Most likely i = NombreCritiques at that moment, because it's after the loop finished. You have to store the value it has in the loop in the button object, or use a special function for assigning the release event that gets the 'i' as parameter, because then it is passed by value. In the current code, it is a reference.


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            Thank you for answering and pinpointing me the area that failed. Your solution was not resolving the problem though. The 'i' variable was still long forgotten. Since i've named the buttons with a number at the end, this is where to get back the index I want. Knowing that the beginning of the name is always the same and that there won't be no more than 9 reviews possible, it's easy to retrieve the information with a substr command. The number is found at index '9' and it's one character length: