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    How to show all layers in timeline for a Flash template?


      Hi. I purchased the Adobe CS4 Web Premium for the MAC and a Flash template from ozzu.com. The template contains 201 items in it's library but it's only showing 13 layers in the timeline. When I create a new layer, it display a blank "Layer 61", so I'm assuming there are 60 layers created for the template by the original template designer. When I test the movie, it shows all the buttons, pages, images, text, etc. But when I go to Control and Play, it only displays whatever is in the 13 layers, that is, only a tiny portion of the entire template.  How do I display all the images, buttons, text, etc.in the timeline so that they will show up in the Stage area?  Thank you in advance.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If there are hidden layers, there should be indications as such.  Can you take a screenshot showing the far left end of your timeline where the layer names are post it here?  Use the camera tool to place it in your post rather than attaching it, and you don't need to show the entire screen, just the immediate area of the frame labels.


          It is always possible that there were as many as 60 layers implemented during the design phase but they may have been diminished with design changes/removals.

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            farfels Level 1

            Hi Ned,

              Thank you for your very quick reply.  I'm not familiar with the camera tool, so I had to attach a jpeg file.  I hope it helps you.


              The template in the stage area is only a portion of Flash template # 23263 from the www.ozzu.com site. How do I load the rest of the template on to the stage?  Thanks!

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As far as I can tell those are the only layers involved with that timeline.  It is possible whoever created it had numerous revisions which led to creating/removing numerous layers.  Flash keeps track of the total layers dealt out, it doesn't adjust when you remove one, so if you add 25 layers then remove 10, the next layer you add will have a default name of Layer 26.


              THere may be other scenes in your design that cointain the other sections of content.  I don't have CS4, so I can only tell you that in CS3 I can access scenes by using Shift-F2 on the keyboard or via the top menubar using Window -> Other Panels -> Scenes

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                farfels Level 1

                So, is it correct to say the following are true:


                1) For the Flash developer to create the complete SWF file, he/she had to have all layers in the timeline?


                2) That the complete template contains more than the 13 layers I have in my FLA file?


                3) For me to re-create the original SWF and template, I would need to spend extra time re-creating all the other layers that are missing in my FLA file?


                Can you recommend some Flash for web site books, training videos and/or web sites for beginners?


                I've ordered the following 2 books:


                1) Creating a Web Site with Flash CS4: Visual QuickProject Guide by David Morris


                2) Building Flash Web Sites for Dummies by Doug Sahlin


                BTW, I did play $66 for this template and it seems that I got ripped off. I'll call them in the morning.


                Thank you again for all your assistance.

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                  farfels Level 1

                  Hi Ned,


                    Thank you for your help in the Adobe forum.


                    I have been emailing ozzu today without any success.  I have include their emails below.  If you don't have time to read them, I would understand.


                   I was hoping for you to explain if I'm correct or wrong in my emails to ozzu.


                   To summarize the emails: Ozzu says that all resources are in the library and I just need to double-click them and they will "pop" back in place on the stage.  My response is that it's similar to a puzzle with all the pieces in a box, but now I have to try to re-create the puzzle. I want the final version of the fla file right before they compiled it into a swf file.


                    Am I wrong?  Am I asking for too much?


                    I'm so confused and frustrated, since after paying for the template, now I have to pay for another Flash developer to re-create the stage area and timeline again. Am I wrong?


                    Thanks in advance.


                    - Pete


                  To: membersupport@ozzu.com

                  Sent: Tue, November 17, 2009 11:46:53 PM

                  Subject: Re: 23263 mainv8.fla is incomplete





                  Hi Brian,


                    This is not the best analogy, but here goes. A completed template and it's corresponding swf file are similar to a photograph of a completed jigsaw puzzle. Yes, I have it, but I can't change the pieces of a photograph. You said that all the pieces of the puzzle are in the puzzle box (or library), but they are all scrabbled up. Now, I have to try to put the puzzle back together, so that I can make changes to it.


                    Adobe created a program called Flash which allows developers to create their template on a stage and in a timeline. The developers construct their template by placing the pieces from the library onto the stage and timeline in a particular location on the stage and in a particular sequence on the timeline. Once everything is in their correct places, they then create the swf file. There is only one fla file that I need.  The fla file right before it was compiled into the swf file. It existed at one time. It should be somewhere on your system.


                    Maybe a better analogy is a computer program. Yes, I have the finished application, but I can't edit it to make my own changes.  I need the source code in the same format it was in, when right before you compiled the code to create the application.  You say that all the code is in the library, but I'm not a programmer, and you expect me to put the entire program back together again.  All the functions, constructs, variables, etc. are in the library, but it doesn't do me any good, since now I have to hire another programmer to re-program everything again to create the final fla file.


                    It's like selling a book, but instead of a completed book with complete chapter, you cut up the pages, throw me into a box and tell the buyer, to create the book themselves.


                     I hope that makes sense to you and the techs.







                  From: Ozzu Support <membersupport@ozzu.com>

                  Sent: Tue, November 17, 2009 8:30:10 PM

                  Subject: Re: 23263 mainv8.fla is incomplete


                  Hi Pete,


                  I am forwarding this to the techs to get their response.


                  As far as for me though, I am a little confused. The full source .fla file is there and everything is included. As far as I can tell the reason they put all of the resources in the library is so that you can edit/customize the text more easily. That is my assumption anyway. What do you feel is missing?


                  I will let you know once I hear back.


                  Best Regards,

                  Brian Wozeniak







                  Hi Brian,


                    This makes absolutely no sense!  Delta, the Flash designer, had to create a complete timeline with all the layers showing in the stage area, so that all the buttons, images, text, etc. was contained in the fla file.  Then and only then could Delta create the swf file.  Then Delta must have deleted, all but 13layers in the fla file. And now the techs are saying that this is what I get for $66?


                    It's like taking a photo of a brand new car, and then before you sell it to me, you remove the doors, engine, etc. and tell me "here are all the pieces in the library, put it together yourself."


                    Please ask the techs to send me the complete fla file.  That is what I paid for. Not a erector set, that I have to put together myself.  What's the point of having a Flash template, if I don't get the finished product?


                    Please ask them. I want to hear what they say.


                    Thanks Brian.


                     - Pete






                  From: Ozzu Support <membersupport@ozzu.com>

                  Sent: Tue, November 17, 2009 5:36:24 PM

                  Subject: Re: 23263 mainv8.fla is incomplete


                  Hi Pete,


                  Okay the techs finally got back to me on this:



                  Template .fla file is designed in such way that all the elements are accessible not from the time line but from the library (press F11 or CTRL+L to access the library). All changes made to elements in the library appear in exported .swf movie. Just double click on an object and it'll appear on the background page, then to edit it click there..


                  This video will show you how to do this:



                  Also, please review the following video tutorials on how to edit flash templates:




                  Please let me know if that seems to resolve your situation.



                  Brian Wozeniak







                  Name: ecottage

                  Forum Username: ecottage

                  Enquiry:   23263 mainv8.fla is incomplete


                  Hi. The mainv8.fla file in the #23263 template is incomplete and unusable

                  for me to edit, since it only contains 13 layers in the timeline. I'm using

                  Flash CS4 Pro.

                  >    Please send me the complete, final version of the fla file for template

                  #23263, and please make sure it contains all the layers in the timeline and

                  in the stage area.

                  >    I really need it as soon as possible.

                  >    Thank you very much!

                  >    - Pete