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    Transcript Metadata problems in CS4

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      I've just transcribed a bunch of interviews using Adobe Media encoder which I left running overnight. They created some XML files in a temp folder which I have. However, despite Premiere Pro having been set to auto-save every 5 mins, I now see that my last version of the project is yesterday at 12 noon. Maybe there was an invisible crash, I don't know. Certainly the transcripts were appearing in the matadata last night. Now they are not. I have a bunch of .xml files which are saved and also there are some .prmdc files in my "Metadata Caches" folder on the C drive. These files do seem to have the info but it's all scrambled.


      Is there any way I can re-assiociate these files as metadata for the avi files in my projecty and save myself having to transcribe them all over again (it took hours!)